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Everything that is new is connected with a certain amount of uncertainty. Employing a new employee and taking them into the company’s structure is often associated with a stressful situation, especially for this new person. It also requires commitment from the HR department and the company’s employees, who often do not have enough time to devote enough attention to the new employee. What can be done to make the recruitment an on-boarding process of a new person into the company’s workforce more effective? How to mitigate the effects of the stressful situation and make the new employee quickly feel happy, fully-fledged crew member? 

On-boarding activities should be supported with a tool such as an event. Events can be dedicated to different occasions. Organizing an event to welcome new people into the company makes the on-boarding process more attractive, accelerates cognitive processes and speeds up identification with the brand.

We are heading in the same direction

In the process of on-boarding it is very valuable to make a new employee aware of the values and mission of the company. The sooner the better. Therefore, it is not worth to waste time on rigid introduction of the employees to their duties, but instead to use, for example, a scenario game combined with the organization of events. This solution is all the more appropriate if the team is joined by representatives of the Z generation, who focus their attention only for a moment, are multitasking and constantly on-line. Dedicated application will focus attention of both them and Millenials much more effectively than training. Moreover, direct participation in a task automatically involves more than theoretical participation. Such gamification can be applied already at the recruitment level, when the knowledge of the brand and effective use of their skills will be scored, and the final game – the recruitment interview. Games have the power to engage, and rivalry is not associated with boredom. The use of gamification and events in the process of on-boarding makes it easier to enter the organization. The game played in the office is an ideal opportunity to get to know the place, people, values and mission of the company.

For many, the period of introduction of a new employee to the company is mainly a substantive time of training. Of course, but it is important to remember that this is not all. In the process of on-boarding, attention should also be paid to soft actions – building loyalty between people and their identification with the brand. Events are a tool that has a strong impact on employees’ emotions. Employees do not expect integration events, which ultimately do not have that character at all. They need more to feel part of the company, identify with the brand, be proud and loyal to it. Properly designed and engaging events provide a solution to these problems.

Take over the wheel and build a brand image

Event activities in the on-boarding process may be part of the company’s employer branding strategy. Building the image of an attractive employer begins even before the recruitment process. What counts is the first impression. By organizing events in the external environment, addressed to students, potential candidates or young talents, in an attractive way we can build the image of the company. Presenting yourself as a great employer at a job fair attracts attention, which increases the number of applications and the interest of professionals. Distributing branded gadgets at events strengthens the sense of identification with a brand. Presentation of audio-visualizations from the company’s past events is reflected in the emotions of future employees, because we show them that our company work happy people. The release of scenario games connected to applications may promote our branding. Everything that distinguishes us should be placed in the employer branding strategy and distributed among the employees. It is not about dividing the responsibilities between them, but about the distinguishing features of the company they are endowed with, which makes them more like an organization. Thus, it is our duty to ensure that the process of introducing new people to the company is in line with what we promised and is a continuation of our activities prior to recruitment. Therefore, we can continue the script game concerning, for example, the knowledge of the organization, including dedicated events and prizes for particular achievements. The organization of internal events during which we work with new and existing employees strengthens their loyalty, commitment and effectiveness. Such coherent actions are also an expression of the company’s creativity and reasonable consistency in achieving the goal.

The ship is the crew

In the on-boarding process we should involve our existing employees. However, it is not about taking up valuable time by involving them in the time-consuming introduction of a new person into the company’s structures. This would only be a cause of additional stress for them, as it would be treated as the imposition of another obligation. Meanwhile, it can be done more effectively by involving them in an on-boarding event or script game. The use of such activation tools will not only make the old and the new crews get to know each other faster and better, but will also be a form of rest and refresh their minds from everyday tasks. The naturally generated cooperation between the new and the old employee makes it possible for the new person to implement himself much more quickly and to transfer to his duties more effectively. Employees, on the other hand, do not suffer from the negative effects of the new situation in the form of additional duties that add to their valuable time. Instead of wasting hours officially introducing a new person to the team, it is better to gently and stress-free implement them in everyday life, missions and values of the company.  Through playability and well-designed event activities we can naturally influence the activation and integration of employees, which will take place in an unnoticeable, pleasant way. It will also save the awkward situations and the uncomfortable atmosphere accompanying taking the “new” one on board. In this way, we will naturally integrate employees who are starting to form a single team in an unceremonious way.

Thanks to well-designed events it is possible to make the on-boarding process more attractive, integrate the team and implement a part of employer branding strategy. It is possible to minimize the inconveniences associated with personnel changes in the organization thanks to the events. Building an integrated team speeds up such cooperation, which builds a brand consciously and guides it through the next stages of development. In order to find out whether we have managed to achieve our goals, it is worthwhile to meet a newly hired person and get feedback after the event.


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