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Brand Building.

We develop full brand communication together with actions to engage customers and consumers. We use events to make the idea come true and establish lasting relationships with our customers and business partners.

01 Strategy

A consistent approach to business influences its development. On the basis of a thorough analysis we create comprehensive communication strategies By proposing solutions that distinguish a brand from its competitors, your company will set goals, principles and rules, giving the direction for the company’s marketing activities. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your company and on this basis determine a path of development. The solutions we offer are addressed directly to your audience, but more importantly, they are firmly embedded in the created brand image.

02 Creative concept

The creative concepts we prepare are aimed at creating the WOW effect. This way you can be sure that your campaign will be remembered for a long time and that nobody will be indifferent to it. We are constantly looking at the industry around the world, observing new products and developing solutions for you that will attract customer attention.

03 PR activities

We build the image of your organization by planning and implementing activities that affect the image of your company in the business environment. We provide complete communication solutions, strategic support and creative concepts, integrating promotional and image activities. We bet on relationship buildingevoking emotions and creating integration.

04 Design

We provide a comprehensive corporate identity of your company: individual graphic designs, logo design, logo book, corporate print templates, rules for creating advertisements, etc. We design graphic materials and prints. All of this consistent with the concept of the event and the brand book of a given brand.

05 Event

We organize business events, which enhance the brand image in the eyes of customers, employees and the business environment. We offer solutions thanks to which you will achieve your company’s image and marketing goals. We provide comprehensive services for events in terms of art, multimedia, technology, logistics and marketing. Our projects are distinguished by modern and unforgettable attractions, combining marketing tools with the latest trends .

06 Platforms & applications

We create platforms and  applications engaging participants:  websites, dedicated applications, virtual reality, as well as web&mobile design. Facing current challenges, we use the latest market trends, at the same time taking care of comfort and effectiveness of use.

07 Advertising gadgets

We are a distributor of advertising gadgets of many key and international brands. We provide personalization of gifts according to the brand book of your brand. The marking and prints are made using the most modern technology, which ensures durability and attractive appearance of the products.  We offer assistance in the selection of products consistent with the promotion policy and current trends.


Employer Branding and HR Activities.

We comprehensively implement employer branding campaigns. We help you create synergistic and effective teams. We design activities that increase employee engagement and loyalty.

01 EB Strategy

From the perspective of a changing job market and employee, each company and its HR team must start to act in order to attract new employees, maintain the existing ones, and also to attract professionals or young talents from the market. Taking these aspects into account, we design employer branding strategies that will lead your brand to achieve its goals. We create communication and promotion of projects; we prepare characteristics of  actions of your competition, we develop internal and external  target groups; we define Employee Value Proposition (list of distinctive, attractive brand attributes), image goals consistent with business, we set the schedule and the list of recommended actions. As part of our strategy, we also prepare a list of training and development programs for your employees, as well as event activities that will enhance the image of your brand.

02 Creative concept

We develop creative concepts, taking care of a consistent brand image. An unconventional approach, good analysis and a focus on  business goals are the guarantees of success. To be able to stand out in the market or be appreciated by your employees you need to be able to surprise and develop the WOW effect. A well-prepared creative concept can bring 200% more out of the project and translate it into faster achievement of goals.

03 Event

Employer branding activities should be enriched by, or even fully based on, the event tool. Well-thought-out events build the image of your brand in the eyes of your customers, your employees and the business environment. We propose solutions thanks to which  you will pass on important information in your company,  you will motivate employees to continue effective work, you will integrate the team, you will conduct trainings or effective on-boarding. We design integration events, fairs, open days, special lectures, employee on-boarding, events related to CSR, health and safety, preventive health measures, work-life balance and many, many others.

04 CSR activities

We prepare complex implementations in the area of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which build commitment of your employees. We offer solutions that meet all the requirements of responsible business, which first of all assume the concentration of activities on employees of your company. It is they who are the best possible channel for communicating the positive image of the company to their surroundings. Thanks to CSR activities and their appropriate promotion, the company builds its responsible and socially engaged image, strengthens the competitive advantage and is therefore better perceived by the environment, customers and attracts better candidates to work.

05 Platforms & applications

We create platforms and applications engaging participants: websites, dedicated applications, virtual reality, as well as web&mobile design. Facing current challenges, we use the latest market trends, at the same time taking care of comfort and effectiveness of use.

06 Engaging programmes

We create programs activating your employees, which are aimed at motivating your employee  to activities that will benefit both them and the entire company. In HR areas such programs may consist in deepening knowledge, acquiring new skills, referring to the CSR policy (health , safety, occupational health, environment protection). Programs aimed at pre-selection during the employee recruitment process are also becoming more and more popular, where we can determine the characteristics and predispositions of the candidate at an early stage and direct him or her in the further process to the appropriate department of the company. Activation programs stimulate employee activity and involvement, affect work efficiency, cause attachment to the company and increase loyalty to it.


Solutions for sales forces.

We increase the effectiveness of sales force. We build programs that motivate and engage employees. We carry out activities that affect business relations and new business contacts.

01 Sales support platforms and applications

We create sales support platforms and programs. We will help you strengthen the image of your company, increase sales and motivate your employees to work more efficiently, which will bring benefits to both them and the entire company. The operation of activation programs is based on a specific scheme. The management establishes a specific target (e.g. sales, quantity, percentage) for a given group of employees. Those from the group who will fulfill the task (or will perform it best) will be adequately rewarded, as planned. We base our activities on the use of web platforms – dedicated websites or mobile applications, on which after logging in employees see what they have to do to win a given competition, or gain points adequate to the tasks, which they later exchange for prizes. We always pay attention to ensuring an appropriate “price to quality”, i.e. determining a supporting prize with a value proportional to the actions taken. That is why we encourage to perform additional tasks, acquire indirect business objectives, strengthen business relations. Our programs create a sense of competition and positive rivalry within the company, which is an indispensable element of the sales industry and an extremely effective driving force for action.

02 Events

We deal with professional organization of business events, among others: conferences, congresses, fairs, annual meetings of the whole crew, during which the results obtained, plans for the future are presented or the best employees are awarded. We offer solutions that not only convey important information, but also motivate employees to continue effective work, integrate the team, implement employer branding objectives in order to gain even more loyal employees. We provide full multimedia, technical and artistic setting. We prepare graphic materials and their printing. All of this consistent with the concept of the event and the brand book of a given brand. The whole event will be controlled by the event director. We will conduct rehearsals and give guidance on public appearances on stage. We will choose the right lighting, consistent with the music, other multimedia and artistic performances. We are prepared for all unexpected events. We work with artists and are able to meet their technical requirements.

03 Travel incentives

We organize incentive travel, which strengthen the message of your brand, build loyalty, engage, motivate and deepen mutual relations.  We will bring customers closer to your brand, showing them that it is not only the products or services sold under its name, but above all the people who make it, the emotions that build it and the quality that strengthens it. We will motivate your employees to work even more effectively. We will strengthen their loyalty and co-responsibility for the company’s fate, using action learning elements that will help them develop their wings and become a driving engine in the implementation of new tasks. You can also use travel incentives as reward for your employees for the achieved goals, thanks to which you will add new willingness to act, strengthen loyalty and set a new motivation goal.



We organize over 300 events a year. Our projects are distinguished by modern and unforgettable attractions, combining marketing tools with the latest trends . We like the challenge and there are no impossible things to do.

01 Corporate events

We deal with the professional organization of business events, among others: conferences, congresses, fairs, anniversaries, occasional events, celebrations, annual meetings of the whole team, road shows and many, many others. We design all events according to your individual needs. Our creative team each time creates a completely new, unique event. See for yourself how with an event you can create your own business and brand awareness, not only in the eyes of your customers, but also in those of your employees and the business environment. We provide comprehensive services for events in terms of art, multimedia, technology, logistics and marketing. By combining your knowledge of the company with our event experience, we can achieve any goal. Take advantage of this potential and contact us.

02 Open-air events

An important event in your company, an integration meeting, an annual banquet and many other outdoor events. Events of this type are characterized by an extraordinary climate, a multitude of unique attractions. Both the place and the entire technical, multimedia and artistic setting are selected in order to maintain the desired atmosphere of the event. We provide all the attractions and the necessary protection of an outdoor event. Additionally, we extend the events with elements consistent with CSR policy, promoting safety on the bike, providing first aid, etc., which is extremely important during the summer and holiday months. We ensure full implementation of the event along with securing the area by emergency services, security and fire brigade.

03 Integration / Team Building

Team building workshops usually aim at integration and building an effective team, which working together experiences the effect of synergy – together we get a better result than separately. Our team building is constructed on methodology and training tools, so in addition to great fun, participants can work on improving communication, learning how to feedback or constructive conflict resolution. The training tools are tailored to the requirements and needs of the group. They contain a lot of attractions, are organized in interesting places, and what is most important, they form a whole in the form of a team building game. In this way, we increase the involvement of the participants in the joint action, make the whole meeting more attractive, achieve better results and really integrate the team. Our trainers and animators, who conduct such classes, guarantee a great atmosphere and give energy to 1000 participants.

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